Release notes

Wavepurity Release 7.99 - 22.12.2020

  • Neu: Die Internet CDDB Musikdatenbank Suche aus dem Trackprozessor und Trackmaster-Assistent heraus wurde neu implementiert und nutzt die JSON API der freien Musikdatenbank MusicBrainz. Dieses Modul ersetzt die bisherige FreeDB Online Suche nach Musiktiteln und Musikdatenträgern, nachdem der Dienst FreeDB seit März 2020 nicht mehr online ist.
  • Neu: Korrektur CDDB Import, Unterstützung von Ersatzanbietern für die nicht mehr existierende FreeDB. WavePurity unterstützt jetzt die Internet Datenbanken dbpoweramp und gnudb.
  • Internet Radio Streamer verbessert, Unterstützung für Caddy Server hinzugefügt.
  • Neuer Platzhalter %F für Orignaldateiname im Trackprozessor und TrackMaster Assistent.
  • Weitere kleine Verbesserungen und Korrekturen.

Wavepurity Release 7.98 - 29.11.2019

  • New: Improved filter clicks+crackling. An additional optional level-dependent sensitivity of clicks+crackling detection improves the filter quality and avoids artifacts in loud music areas.
  • Correction Parameter Settings in filter clicks+crackling.
  • New: Opus Audio Codec Plugin for Professional Version.
  • Audio plugin configuration improved, automatic bitrate introduced (for Opus Codec).
  • Improved display in the main status bar.
  • Improvement Audio Recorder Wizard.
  • Improvement main window. Certain key combinations and menu items have been additionally locked when audio recording is in progress.
  • Improvement File Save dialog. For Audio MP3 files the last settings are now remembered correctly.
  • Correction Preview Playback of split tracks in the editor/track processor.
  • Other small improvements and corrections.

Wavepurity Release 7.97 - 16.04.2019

  • New: Improved editor display. It is now possible to switch between the display type waveform or amplitude. The value is persistent and is automatically transferred to all other open editors. Furthermore, the option "Grid" is persistently saved and automatically transferred to all other open editors.
  • Enhancement: Editor Trim Start-Stop function can now search with Peak Mode. This allows to find Start and Stop more exactly.
  • Enhancement: Playback FadeIn shortened to make audio playback start area clear.
  • Enhancement: Added security prompt when quitting the program if an audio recording is in progress.
  • Other small improvements and corrections.

Wavepurity Release 7.95 - 28.03.2018

  • New Feature in Wave Editor (TrackExpress or Trackprocessor): Relative Time Display and Relative Time Axis for current selected Track.
  • New Feature in Wave Editor: While Moving Track Start or Track Stop a Live Time Display is shown. So you can see chaning Start,Stop,Length of the selected Track. This works for normal Track Express Wizard and manual Trackprocessor Mode.
  • Improved: The Auto Rewind Function for Editor/Playback Mode and Track Wizard can be configured at Settings Page Audio Options. Default=disabled. If disabled then the playback position stops at end of selection or end of title and there is no auto rewind performed. This is a helpful feature for manual Track Editing in the Editor.
  • Improved: Manual Editing Tracks, an obsolete dialog choice step (move/split track start/stop) has been removed.
  • Improved: Manual Editing Tracks, Track Start/Stop Movement with overlapping and parallel pressing CTRL key performs a movement of the track border between current and next/previous Track.
  • Improved: Trackprocessor, The Input Dialog for Song Title Informationen and Filenames has been improved. Pressing ENTER in a dialog field forces a fast goto next field or next Track.
  • Improved: Track Express Wizard is a docked Window in the Editor now. Optional you can choose/change the old Tool Window Layout for the Track Express Wizard.
  • Improved: Track Express Wizard Tool Windows will be shown/hidden in context of current Tab/Editor. So only one Track Express Wizard is visible at same time.
  • Improved: Trackprocessor, Target Directory is editable Field now and checks if Directory exists. An additional button "Create Directory" helps you to fast create a folder.
  • Improved: Trackprocessor, Save Session can be optional activated/disabled by a checkbox if current profile has general enabled the "Save Session" feature.
  • Improved: Editor Speed Conversion, now you can choose between Percent or BPM.
  • Change: Default Window Size to 1250x750.
  • Change: Start of Registration Process, now the Default System WEB Browser is opened.
  • Bugfix: Extra Insert/Overlay clipboard, The Length of insertion/overlay has been fixed.
  • Bugfix: CDDB Query Tool, removed Script Error Windows.
  • Some minor improvements and fixes.

Wavepurity Release 7.94 - 06.12.2017

  • Improved Position markers in the Editor. Now you can click and shift the position markers via mouse and left mouse button click. Additional a new menuitem has been added to rename a position marker text.
  • Editor selection with hotkeys improved, now SHIFT+POS1 and SHIFT+END can be used for fast selection start and stop from the beginning up to the end of the music file.
  • Improvement in the Editor, keys + and - are available for Zoom In/Out.
  • Editor / Play, Positioning Cursor with cursor keys <-- and --> and page keys up/down improved.
  • Mouse wheel support improved, Wheel = shift the zoomed wave form window, CTRL+wheel = Zoom In/Out, SHIFT+wheel = move cursor position
  • Editor Track Wizard has a minimize button now.
  • Some minor improvements and fixes.

Wavepurity Release 7.93 - 11.04.2017

  • Improved Editor: Time line on top to improve usability.
  • New Function in Editor: ZoomIn/ZoomOut by using vertical mouse+click movements. A mouse click on the time line plus vertical movement (an pressing the left mouse button) starts a ZoomIn/ZoomOut at this position.
  • Feature: The volume level display (left in the master control bar) can be configured to classical colors green+yellow+red (like in older versions <= 7.91).
  • Improved Track Preview.
  • Fixed some problems in the Editor and Track Express Wizard.
  • Fixed the settings dialog. Audio Plugins Page is visible now.
  • Fixed the mapping of Audio Codec Plugins in the Track Processor (Professional Version).
  • Improved Audio Codec Plugin ALAC (Apple Lossless Audio Codec). Now the ALAC-Encoder is included in the Plugin Package. Improved the support of song title information tags in the ALAC-Decoder.
  • Fixed MP3 LAME Test Function.
  • Some minor improvements and fixes.

Wavepurity Release 7.92 - 30.11.2016

  • New Feature in Waveform Editor, Amplitude Zoom, Vertical Zoom into the waveform to enlarge the visual amplitude of silent music parts.
  • Improvement of user interface, Styles adaptet to Windows 10 Design.
  • Improvment of settings dialog. New tree navigation structure for easy access to all parameters and options.
  • New Feature in settings dialog for easy Export / Import / Reset of personal settings.
  • Program help updated.
  • Minor Improvements and Bugfixes.

Wavepurity Release 7.91 - 24.03.2016

  • Improvement: Filter "Remove Clicks+Pops" improved.
    An additional analysis of stereo side signal (L-R) is performed to improve the click+pop detection.
    Additional Option Join Channels L+R -> Mono -> L+R to improve processing of Mono Vinyl's which are recorded in stereo via a stereo record player.
  • New Plugin Apple Lossless Audio Decoder (ALAC) - Decoder only
  • FAAC/FAAD Plugin validated for file extension ".m4a".
  • Audio Plugin Codec Selection improved.
    While opening audio file with option "all supported files" the plugin manager checks if there multiple plugins which supports the file extension. In this case the plugin managers try to open the file for all these plugins.
    Example: ALAC and FAAC are using Mpeg4 Container-Format with file extension "m4a".
    Plugins are sorted by File Description now.

Wavepurity Release 7.90 - 02.12.2015

  • NewPlugin "Tape Saturation" provides a high quality "Soft-Limiter", which emulates the typical eletrical properties of analog tapes. By default settings the plugin emulates a 15 rpm studio tape.
  • Improved "Enhancer Plugin" and Pseudo Stereo Plugin". A new Enhancer algorithm is produing exact harmonics and is analyzing the signal to perform an optimal treble enhancementwithout increasing the noise floor.
  • New function in the Waveform editor in the extra menu: "Remove Gaps" to cutout silent sample blocks.
  • New function in the Waveform editor in the extra menu: Trim Start Stop, removes silence at start and stop of editor buffer.
  • Improvement: Audio Device Oberserver will be paused while audio recording. So the current audio recording session is not stopped in case of changing audio devices.
  • Improvement of Waveform Editor. Updating Editor Buffer will be ignored, while shutdown the application in some situations.
  • Minor improvements and bugfixes.

Wavepurity Release 7.80 - 30.03.2015

  • Improved MP3 Bitrate Control for Mono files.
  • Improvements for MP3 ID3v2 Tags.
  • Improved Waveform Editor.
  • Improved Temporary Memory Management for Editor Buffers to prevent "out of memory" situations.
  • Minor improvements and bugfixes.

Wavepurity Release 7.70 - 29.11.2014

  • Improved dialog functions for insert and fade in data to wave form editor.
  • Improved dialog display of Trackprozessor (Professional Version).
  • Improved stability of waveform editor.
  • Correction of pause button behavior in recorder wizard.
  • Minor improvements and bugfixes.

Wavepurity Release 7.61 - 29.04.2014

  • Improvements of Internet Radio Streamer (Professional Version).
  • Support for AAC/MP4 Streams in Internet Radio Streamer.
  • Updated Internet Radio Streamer Provider Plugins.
  • Update FAAC/FAAD Codec Plugin for AAC/MP4 Audio Files.
  • Minor improvements and bugfixes

Wavepurity Release 7.60 - 16.04.2014

  • Improved FFT Noise Reduction and Dynamic FFT Noise Reduction. Both filters are using an additional spectral flatness analysis to control the noise reduction strength. The filter artefacts will be reduced.
  • New Display: Spectral Flatness. Similar to FFT Spectral Display the new display shows the Spectral Flatness of music signals.
  • Bugfixed CDROM Import. While loading the disc as one huge track the length is calculated right now.
  • Bugfix Audio Recorder with 192kHz and opened Oscilloscope Display.

Wavepurity Release 7.50 - 24.12.2013

  • New Memory Manager implemented. The available RAM is now up to 4GB.
  • Bugfix memory leak in the CDROM Import Module.
  • Bugfix a minor problem in the new IMAPIv2 CD Burn Module.

Wavepurity Release 7.40 - 30.11.2013

  • New stable Audio CD Burn Module, based on Windows IMAPIv2 Burning Engine. This new module solves compatibility problems for some CD drives. By using the internal Windows IMAPIv2 Burning Engine the new CD Burning Module is highly compatible to Windows 7 and Windows 8. The Audio CD Burning Module supports the production of Audio CD and Audio CDRW in "Track At Once" or "Disc At Once" mode. By using "Disc At Once" with gapless recording (no pause between tracks) you can produce CD's for live concerts without gap between the tracks.
  • New Version of CDROM Import Module using a new AudioCDRipper Module
  • Improvements in the Editor
    - Improved: Total display switch status is saved
    - Bugfix: Cutting problem of small audio pieces
  • Improved: Audio Device Wizard can set hidden for next time
  • Improved: Direct access to Windows Control Panel Sound + Mixer from Menu Tools or via Popup Menu from Audiomixer.
  • Improved: In ASIO Mode the AudioMixer is hidden.
  • Improvements and Bugfixes.

Wavepurity Release 7.35 - 15.07.2013

  • Improved Audio Device Wizard.
  • Improved Editor and bugfix for cutting very small audio pieces.
  • Improved Internet Radio Streamer (Professional Version).
  • Improvements and Bugfixes.

Wavepurity 7.30 - Release 23.03.2013

  • New Editor function to set Position Markers in the Wave Form. Position Marker can be saved in the context of an audio file. osition markers can be converted to tracks in the editor or can be applied to the trackprocessor tracklist (Professional Version). In the Trackprocessor the position marker names can be used as filenames or title information.
  • New Version of Audio-CDROM-Import Module. This fixes some problems under Windows 7/8 in case of some CDROM drives.
  • Improved FFT-3D-Plot Display.
  • Improvement in the editor, Navigation symbol size can be configured.
  • The switch on/off editor total display will be saved now.
  • Optional filter status displayin the editor at end of filter processing (for some filters).
  • Hold time of volume level display in the master control bar can be configured now.
  • Update OGG VORBIS Version libvorbis-1.3.3 as Plugin.
  • Improvements and Bugfixes.

Wavepurity 7.20 - Release 05.12.2012

  • Compatibility for Windows 8
  • Improved Detection of added / removed Audio Hardware.
  • Improved Internet Radio Streamer.
  • Improved Internet Radio Streamer Plugin "" (
  • Some minor Bugfixes.

Wavepurity 7.10 - Release 06.04.2012

  • New: Multiple Instance Manager. Now Wavepurity supports multiple independed instances at the same time running on a computer. Using the Instance Manager you can perform quick changes between the instances. Using multiple instances allows you to start long time filter processing in one instance and resuming your audio session in the next instance of Wavepurity. So you can use the full power of a MultiCore CPU computer by running multiple instances with multiple filter processing.
  • New: Now you can switch Waveform editors between Tab View and Normal Window View using the menu "Window" or right mouse click on a tab. An automatic window arrangement is supported. Using normal windows for the waveforms is helpful for visual comparing several waveforms and allows you a faster copy+cut+paste between the waveforms.
  • Bugfix Menu Window + Close All.
  • Minor Improvements and Fixes.

Wavepurity 7.01 - Release 08.03.2012

  • Stability Update for Version 7.00
  • Bugfix of minor errors of previous version 7.00
  • Bugfix audio cutter problems in case of cutting small audio pieces
  • Channel assignment of stereo channels for mono recording
  • Selection dialog for MP3 decoder
  • Improved Check for Upates with Download and Install Option

Wavepurity 7.00 - Servicepack SP2 - Release 25.01.2012

Servicepack SP2 zur Korrektur kleiner Fehler.

Wavepurity 7.00 - Servicepack SP1 - Release 18.12.2011

Servicepack SP1 zur Korrektur kleiner Fehler.

Wavepurity 7.00 - Release 14.12.2011

  • Neuer und verbesserter Wellenform Editor, optimiert auf schnellen und effizienten Audioschnitt und einer neuen Gesamtübersicht für schnelle Positionierung.
  • Verbesserte Bedieneroberfläche mit optimierter Fensterverwaltung.
  • Verbessertes Enhancer-Plugin mit optimaler Auffrischung der Brillianz für dumpfe und komprimierte Aufnahmen.
  • Verbesserter Trackprozessor zur automatischen Spurtrennung und Bearbeitung.
  • Neues Filter zur effizienten Unterdrückung von Störgeräuschen.
  • Optimierungen der Software für Windows 7.
  • Automatische Prüfung auf Updates.

Wavepurity 6.93 - Release 15.07.2011

  • Verbesserung des Zugriffs auf Audiomixer und Audiogeräte unter Windows 7.
  • Verbesserungen im Audiomixer Aufnahme Assistent und bessere automatische Lautstärke-Regelung.
  • Verbesserter Zugriff auf den Audiomixer in der Master Kontroll-Leiste und im Aufnahme-Assistent.
  • Verbesserte Überwachung der Audiogeräte im laufenden Betrieb von Wavepurity. Dadurch werden dynamische Änderungen der Anzahl der Audiogeräte von Wavepurity erkannt und die internen Audio-Gerätelisten aktualisiert. Somit wird das Einstecken von Klinkensteckern in die Soundkartenbuchsen unter Windows 7 erkannt. Außerdem wird das Verbinden/Trennen von USB-Soundkarten dadurch erkannt.
  • Verbesserte Unterstützung für verfügbare Software Updates.
  • Verbesserte Unterstützung für Multi-Monitor Desktops (Computer mit mehreren Bildschirmen).

Wavepurity 6.90 - Release 17.04.2011

  • New Function Time Correction in the Editor (Speed correction).
  • Improved Audiomixer Control in Master Control Bar.
  • Audiomixer Improvements for Windows 7.
  • Bugfix ASIO Playback Driver.
  • Bugfix Wavepurity Internet Radio Streamer, Portal Surfmusic.
  • Update Transposer Module DiracLE.

Wavepurity Version 6.80 - Release 04.12.2010

  • Improved Audio Device Selection in Master Control Bar.
  • Support of ID3v2.4 and ID3v2 Unicode Tags.
  • Support for Windows internal MP3 Encoder (Windows Media Player 10)
  • Improved ASIO Driver Access. Channel Selection / Mapping is possible.
  • Dithering + Noise Shaping when saving files with small Bit Resolution.

Wavepurity Version 6.70 SP1 - Release 26.07.2010

  • Servicepack 1 to Version 6.70.
  • Improved Handling after closing the Editor. Added a new option to the configuration to choose the behavior of reloading wave file in playbackmode yes/no.
  • Bugfix WavePurity ASIO Driver Interface. The problem "Stutter" in case of high sample rates has been fixed.
  • Bugfix WavePurity Internet Radio Streamer. Exception fixed.
  • Bugfix minor problems in the WavePurity Application.

Wavepurity Version 6.70 - Release 09.07.2010

  • New: Improved Quality for saving Audio Files with small Bit Resolution. Quantisation errors will be minimized by using "Dithering + NoiseShaping".
  • New: Improved Filter Remove Click+Pops, improvements for higher Sampling Rates 88,2 kHz up to 192 kHz.
  • New: Improvement of  FFT Noise Filter and Dynamic FFT Noise Filter. The new option AUTO for FFT Size is a good choice for autoselecting a good FFT size matching to the current sampling frequency.
  • New: Improvement of resampling module, replaced Lowpass algorithm "Faltung" against "IIRFilter".
  • New: Impropved Function "Audio Recorder Playback Loop". Now it is possible to choose playback duplication to audio device using another driver model. Example: Audio Recorder is running in ASIO mode and playback loop device is running in DirectX mode.
  • New: Improvement of ASIO Driver Access: Channel Selection / Mapping is posible for ASIO Drivers having more than 2 Channels.
  • New: Improvement of Software Playbackloop while audio recording is active. The playbackloop device can be choosen from a different audio driver platform than the audio recording device. Now you can for example recording via ASIO device and perform a playbackloop via a Windows Multimedia API audio device.
  • New: Feature "maximum playback frequency" to limit maximum sampling frequency for playback device.
  • New: Improved the WavePurity Internet Radio Streamer Module, pickup links from website if stream could not be detected and let customer select one of these links. As second new feature the WavePurity Streamer Module can be extended by Internet Radio Provider Plugins to support more radio stream selections.
  • New: Plugin for the Audio Format Monkey´s Audio ( Professional Version ).
  • Bugfix and Improvement of function "Manual Remove Clicks+Crackles" in the Editor.
  • Bugfix and Improvement of storing User Profiles for digital filters.
  • Additional support of sample frequency 176400 Hz.
  • Improved low pass filtering for speed+pitch transposer.

Wavepurity Version 6.60

  • Improved Support for Windows 7.
  • New: Function "Duplicate Audio Recording Signal to Audio Playback Device" in the Audiorecorder. This feature allows you to listen the audio recorder signal in case of USB record players or simple USB soundcards which doesn't have a built-in playback function.
  • New: Improved User Interface
  • New: Improved Internet Radio Streamer and Browser Access to Radio Portal Surfmusik. Support of ICEcast Vorbis Ogg
  • New: Improved automatic Track Scan and Track Splitting for Trackprozessor and Editor
  • New: Improved Filter "Remove clicks and crackles"
  • New: Popup Menu in the Waveform Editor for easy moving track start and track stop
  • New: Optional Zero Snap Function of Cursor-Needle in the Editor. The cursor is snapping to positions with zero amplitude
  • Improved Volume scale in the Editor and Trackprozessor
  • Improved Waveform Display in the Editor
  • Correction DirectX Access for Windows 7
  • Updated Version of LAME MP3 Encoders

Wavepurity Version 6.50

  • New: Support of Windows 7.
  • New: Integrated Audio CD Burning Engine. Now it is possible to burn Audio CD directly from the Track Processor. The burning process can be configured for autostart at end of track processing. You can choose between WavePurity Built'In Audio CD Burning Engine or Nero Burning Engine.
  • Correction of problems in the waveform editor display in case of high horizontal screen resolution >= 1920 Pixel.
  • Improvements Audiomixer Recording Wizard.
  • Improvements Audio Recorder Wizard.
  • Improvements in the waveform editor. Now the volume scale functions are optional available in the editor toolbar.
  • Improved Volume Scaling in the Editor and Track Processor.
  • Improvements in the VST Plugin Parameter Editor.

Wavepurity Version 6.41 - 05.11.2009

  • Small Updat

Wavepurity Version 6.40

  • New: Professional Correction of Vinyl Equalizations for different disc types. WavePurity Professional contains a new Preprocessing Module in the Editor Wizard. In combination with the RIAA Plugin this module will help you to preprocess frequency equalizations and speed corrections before audio restoration starts.
  • New: Functional Extension of the RIAA Plugin. Now this module can correct the most recent equalizations of typical discs. The number of supported equalizations can be extended by Excel CSV Tables. The RIAA plugin will help you preprocessing your vinyl recording sessions in the Editor Wizard.
  • New: Filter for hiss and sibilant reduction (DeHiss / DeEsser). This new filter can reduce broadband noise of sibilants. As result the music sounds more soften.
  • New: Display Module FFT Spectrum 3d Plot allows you to get a 3-dimensional view of frequencies over a time slot displayed in a matrix.
  • New: Speed and Vinyl Equalization correction is available in the Trackprocessor as Preprocessing Step.
  • Improved support of VST-Plugins. Now the parameters of connected VST-Plugins are saved.
  • Improved Trackprocessor. Now usage of filters can be easy switched on/off.
  • Improved Audiomixer Module.
  • Improved Main Window. Now a multiple file selection is possible while loading file(s).
  • Improved Memory Managment for temporary buffers. This solves problems of the previous version.

Wavepurity Version 6.30 - new functions

  • New: Improved Audio CDROM Import in the Professional Version. Now Audio CDROMs can be imported directly to the Track Processor.
  • New: Memory Display shows current and historical status of System Memory and WavePurity Memory.
  • New: Free scaleable Transposer alternative to fixed Halftones in the Editor.
  • New: Added High Quality Tranposer Module "DIRAC Time Stretch/Pitch Shift technology (c) 2005 Stephan M. Bernsee" (see as Light Version DIRAC LE.
  • New: Special-Insert of clipboard in the Editor. You can overlay the clipboard to selected channels in the editor.
  • Improved Audio CDROM Playback.
  • Improved Temporary Memory Managment. WavePurity can autoselect now temporary buffers to RAM or temporary file depending on available system memory.
  • Improved Progress Bar Display. You can configure now the position and the style of progress bars
  • Improved Dialog "Save" and "Save as...". The settings for MP3 Bitrate and Quality are saved now.

Wavepurity Version 6.20 - new functions

  • Reimplemented the VST Plugin Host. Now a C++ implementation based on Steinbergs VST Plugin SDK 2.4 sources ist used. This code is compiled in a new DLL "vsthost.dll". This VST plugin host works much more stable now.
  • New: Option Volume Scale for the CDROM Import.
  • New: Improved initial adjustment of MDI windows. The position of these windows is saved now and will be restored on next WavePurity startup.
  • Improved audio device configuration wizard.
  • Improved audio mixer control access in the mainform master control panel.
  • Improved audio recorder dialog and wizard. Now it is possible to change directory and select a new target filename via windows standard selection dialog. So it is possible to create directories in this dialog too.
  • Bugfix audio timer configuration load/save.
  • Bugfix VST Plugins configuration dialog.

Wavepurity Version 6.10 - new functions

  • Improved ID3 Tag Processing. Now the Title Information is handled in the Trackmaster Wizard too.
  • Improved access to Title Information Database.
  • Improved adjustment of docked tool windows in mainform.
  • Bugfix FFT Noise Reduction Filter. A null signal in left audio channel is allowed now.
  • Bugfix Multiband Dynamic Compressor. The filter can be accessed from trackprocessor without exceptions.

Wavepurity Version 6.0 - new functions

  • Support of ASIO Drivers. Soundcards coming with ASIO drivers can be used now via ASIO interface. The version 2.x of ASIO Technology by Steinberg Media Technologies GmbH is supported.
  • Support of VST Plugins. In the Professional Version you can use now VST Plugins as digital filters. The version 2.x of VST Plugin Technology by Steinberg Media Technologies GmbH is supported. The VST filter which well known from WaveLab can be used now in WavePurity too. WavePurity works as VST host.
  • New Effects Filter Multiband Compressor. Using this filter allows you to create high dynamic compression effects in your music files.
  • Improved the WavePurity user interface. Tool windows are docked now in the work area of the mainform.
  • New Plugin Filter Impulse Reverb Processor for Realistic Reverbation. In the Professional Version you can use this plugin filter to create realistic reverbation effects for several rooms. You can load any impulse responses with wave format to this filter.
  • Support of Audio Format IEEE FLOAT. You can read and write Wave Files with Format 32 Bit IEEE FLOAT.
  • Improved the Editor. You can the pitch transposer in the editor now.
  • Improvements for Windows Vista. The Installation routine and the user interface were optimzed for Windows Vista.
  • The Tool Windows FFT-Spectrum, Oscilloscope and Lissajous Stereo Room can be used now while Audiorecorder is running.
  • Improved the usage of Plugin Filters as Playback Effects.
  • Improved the Audio CD Import. The processing of title information from FreeDB has been optimized.
  • Improved the Volume Level Display in the Master Control Bar of Main Window.
  • Improved Synchronization of Audiomixer, Audio Playback and Audio Recorder for Computers with more than one sound card.
  • Improved Wave Form Display in the Editor. The painting of wave form and position needle has been optimized.
  • Support of persistent storage of WavePurity configuration for different user accounts on one computer. The configuration files are saved now in the local settings area of the Document + Settings folder for each user.