WavePurity Mini

A registration key is required for the so-called MINI Version of WavePurity.

It can be looked upon as a miniature package of WavePurity.

It has a limited functional range (audio editor, replay and recording functions).

The two essential digital filters for the audio recondition part of the package: “Remove crackling and snaps” and “FFT Noise reduction”

It is not possible to work with the track processor.

Nevertheless, the data can be saved without restrictions.

The functional range of the MINI version should be sufficient for users who only want to have the two essential steps of audio recondition, also for audio cutting and long recording ithout any digital editing. The usage of the audio jukebox is included.

Upgrade! It is possible at any time to upgrade to the Standard or Professional version! There will be a price advantage too! You will find our prices and conditions at the shop.