Audio equipment

To work with WavePurity, you need a PC
with the following system components.

See also System requirements
System requirements


  • 16-bit-sound card or 16-bit-soundship onboard*
    *onboard means that this hardware component is integrated on the main board. Most current main boards are delivered with a powerful audio chip. Therefore, it is not necessary to buy an additional sound card. All interfaces are existent.
  • PC active speakers or a hifi system

Audio equipment

  • Tape recorder
  • Record player
  • other analog players
  • Phono PreAmp (phono pre amplifier)*

*Only for direct connection from record player to sound card a preamplifier would be necessary. A preamplifier could eliminate the interfering hum of the electric supply that could occur by usage of a connection between stereo and sound card.

cables and connections

  • Stereo-Audio-Cable (RCA-plug*)
    2x Cinch-plug, color coded
    1x Stereo-click (3,5 mm)

*Connections for turntables, phono preamplifiers or stereos are usually designed as 2-channel RCA (stereo), while the main sound card has 3.5mm jack connections.

  • Stereo-Audio-Cable (RCA-RCA*)
    4x RCA-plug, color coded

* Cable with RCA plugs can be connected to the 3.5mm sound card input via stereo adapters (see below).

  • Stereo-Adapter RCA stereo plug
    2x RCA-jack (color coded) on 1x stereo-jack (3,5 mm)

Quality note

In addition to the simple variant, the use of shielded cables is recommended for high transmission quality. These provide sufficient protection against external interference. In most cases, double-shielded cables (foil screen and mesh overall screen) are used

 This can also be bridged distances of more than 10 meters without noticeable losses.