Music and Computers – How do they work together?

Your home PC can do more than word processing and project management. During the past few years, hardware manufacturers and operating system developers have created a large number of functions and multimedia extensions which expand the possibilities of digital editing for music and video tracks. Caused by these new developments, there is a growing demand for applications that use the computer's intelligence to remove the technical flaws from old music recordings. The computer's musical interface is the sound card, which generally delivers CD quality (16 bit, 44kHz scanning frequency, stereo), or an even higher digital resolution (24 bit, up to 96kHz). The sound card translates music into digital signals, which the computer can process. Also, digitalized music signals can be converted back into music. Both functions are controlled by the sound card. Computers replace and surpass former high-quality audio machines. For example, many people know Revox tape machines or record players with a "Moving Coil System". Today, you can achieve the same quality on your PC, with WavePurity. And that is not all. In addition to signal editing features that used to be available only in a sound studio, WavePurity offers a lot of very interesting practical features for replaying music on your PC: You can search for music tracks in data bases, and you can create your own track lists.

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